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Landing of the PEACE Submarine Cable

On October 19, the Telsam team met on Prado beach before daybreak to witness the landing of the PEACE Submarine Cable.

A 15,000KM long cable, with a capacity of 16 Terabits per Second per fiber pair, i.e. a total of 320Tbits/s, representing more capacity than all the cables currently in service in Marseille!

PCCW, Cyta, HMN, Telsam were present to witness the operations carried out by the very professional Orange Marine teams.

A long process then began at first light with a first landing to pull a rope and allow the submarine cable to be towed very slowly and without excessive tension on the cable.

This day was the culmination of work carried out for months by Telsam's technical teams.

The cable initially connects Marseille with Cyprus, Egypt and Pakistan and will then connect Djibouti and Kenya.

Telsam teams deployed the land network by installing and commissioning the PFE (Power Feeding Equipment) and the SLTE (Submarine Line Terminal Equipment) in Orange's CLS (Cable Landing Station).

The work of the Telsam teams does not stop there and will continue with system maintenance in collaboration with the PCCW Global and HMN teams.

The latter will be provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a guaranteed intervention time of less than 2 hours on site and will allow the system to have maximum availability for customers using its capacities.

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